Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Grown Chickens in downtown Raleigh

We bought 6 chickens from Ace Hardware and pu them in our children's old play shed, with a ten foot outside run we bought cheap on Craigslist. The girls are doing great, laying almost five eggs a day and providing us a lot of pleasure and compost.
We got two Aracaunas (probably Americaunas), two Buff Orphingtons, and two Rhode Island Reds. They all get along great. The aracaunas are the most noble, almost hawk-like; the reds are brave and dominant, and the buffs are incredibly plump and very hennish.
Red, Buff, Aracauna.

Marietta in fron and Esperanza behind

Cloey and Zoey are identical to me.

Same for Jenny and Jemima. My son has a close relationship with one of them and will hold it like a parakeet.

Esperanza is the queen chicken.

Mareitta is my favorite, I pretend she IS a hawk.

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