Monday, December 31, 2007

Crabtree Creek Levels - Hodge Road

Sequential pictures showing different creek levels at Hodge Rd and Atlantic Ave.
Above and below, November 09.

Above and below, view from Hodge Rd. greenway shelter under RR Mar 09.

Hodge Rd. RR bridge 3-2-09

Gar Hole" March 2, 09 after snow.

Post-Hannah, 9/6/08, this was as close as I could get to the spot seen below.

After Hannah on Sept. 6, 2008, this was the walkway to get to the spots seen below.

Above: my "gar hole" with young slider on 6-20-07. Below is the same spot after two good inches of rain on 12-31-07.

Hodge Road Greenway, scraped after flooding.

Hodge RR bridge 12-31-07

Hodge RR bridge 3-24-07

View from Hodge Rd RR bridge 12-31-07

View from Hodge Rd. RR bridge5-25-07

View from Hodge Rd. RR bridge 3-24-07

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